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Quantum Entanglement

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Quantum entanglement is the process by which two particles entangle with each other from a great distance at a very fast speed. The current speed of entanglement is determined to be 10,000.00 times the speed of light. After some calculations, one come up with a distance of 1400 Million Kilometers for a single second back and forth communication. This puts there location from moon to Jupiter. This means 1/2 second for the signal to come and 1/2 second to go back as feedback.

Good & Bad Of V2K Technology

Looking at our own progress as a modern society, I firmly believe we will reach a point in time when we will have this technology. All technologies have good and bad, so is this one. Lets prepare ourselves better to handle what will be coming in a distant future. Lets mention the goods first. Although we are not there yet, and, according to me, wont be for a while. 

An issue with V2k, before we get to good and bad use.

For our purpose of explanation, we will use the following terminology,

1) Open source radical electron (OSRE)

An electron that is out in the open, and can be acted upon by any entangling photon emitted by another electron. 

2) Closed source radical electron (CSRE)

An electron that is closed in a container like a chip, can only be acted upon by the person captivating the radical electron.

Now consider the following scenario,

Let say 3 radical electrons, A, B and C are entangled together. A and C are CSRE, and B is OSRE. Lets say electron A was changed intentionally, this will cause all A, B, and C to correspondingly change in the same manner simultaneously. The problem here is B and C wont know who caused the change. C could be thinking the change can from B or A, B could be thinking the change came from A or C. Therefore, conclusion of this is that if this technology takes off, multiple nations, or even people will use it wihout getting discovered. For instance, Lets say i have a stake in Microsoft,  i entangled Mr Gates, and listened to the conversation about an upcoming release of Mircosoft. Using that info i bought huge shares and took off with the profits, illegally. The very fact, that quantum entanglement is directionless makes it prone to be abused, and lead society to total chaos.

Therefore, I am off the view that before we get to the point of getting full understanding, and once we are at a point of some understanding, we should push to get humans free of OSRE. Unfortunately the two methods of Covering eyes of certain electromagnetic wavelength from birth to death are impractical and wont implement, as they wont be seeing certain colors, and if the contact lens ever fell off, its would be all over as CSRE A is waiting for that to happen. The other solution of CSRE C to cause random fluctuations to counter act CSRE A's plans, will lead to the poor OSRE B to feel nausea headaches and what not, pretty much all the time. Therefore the only logical solution is DNA. Mutate the gene in all living, and in vitro for those to come. Sounds too much hassle? Wait till it begins. 

Now lets assume humans are out, what about other animals, CSRE A can still hear Bill Gates? Not so much, the lower the intelligence the more difficult it is to keep it on track, their auditory system is not well developed the return path of auditory input in insects is not well developed, for example if you say hello in a dog's ear, what would come out from eyes would be heeeeloooooo or something similar. Its pretty much close to teaching child words, the brain is not well develop to pass the information through as it is, and neither is there mouth, the coordination is not perfect yet so the sound changes to there closest match. But as time pass, higher intelligence's senses change, but not so much for other lower intelligence animals. Also, the Random fluctuation plan of CSRE C should work in this case. So as long as human perspective is out, not much of other things would be as effective. 

Good Use Of V2K

1) Good Medical diagnostic tool.

We can determine, if different parts of body is reporting pain to the brain. Better diagnostics can be made to the exact nature of illness. Monitoring of people critically ill.

2) People tracking tool.

Track and locate elderly, or missing children. Better recognition tool. Example, no need for a passport for travel. Caution: Non privacy invasive only. There are very bad affects of trying to alter society using artificial emotions. This is best done by natural selection.

3) Criminal Tracking.

Tracking of people on parole, for example. Again, there is a caution, if this is used as thought listening tool, to solve crime, one may end up hearing a person's fantasy. And wrongly accuse someone of a crime they have not committed. Old fashioned detective work is the best way to go around.

Bad Use Of V2K

1) Emotional control of society.

This one is a big no. As this will bring out artificiality in society. The society that is built will not be stable. Leave emotions, and other neural function growth to evolution. It does it best and does so permanently. 

2) Listening to people's thoughts.

This is another big no. By doing so, we will but caps on freedom of thoughts. Yes, that will be so. Which means we will end up reducing our productivity. Learn how to control bad thoughts and implement the good ones. This is what that leads to our neural growth and leads to our mind stability over period of time. Remember selection have to work to make that happen. An important note here is, not to kill unfortunate people, but let nature take its course, make corrections over time.

3) Unwanted Sexual Arousal.

Yes, this is another one of those bad affects. We have to keep merits intact in reproduction. Bad use of this technology can lead to rapes.

4) Social Unrest.

V2K can lead to nations propagating social unrest on each other, that can in turn lead to wars. 

5) Spying.

V2K is a very potent tool for spying. Imagine what can companies do to each other, listening to competitor's conversation, or listening to there thoughts and conversations? Governments spying to each other? 

So in light of all of the above and much more good and bad coming out of V2K, we will keep it, for productive uses only, and implement a protection scheme for masses, So any bad use can be prevented. We want to keep and use this good gift of nature, to our benefits and not our destruction.

"Alien" Quantum Entanglement, to induce voices and emotions. Alien visitors in future may reinforce religion in support to propagate V2K control.


This site is designated to make awareness towards voice to skull or mind control, that i think is done by Aliens located away from Earth, Moon on wards. Remember any condition is better known then unknown. Knowledge is power, knowledge and awareness is what is needed to make any change. I firmly think they are responsible for religions, and use religions to force control over us. I think they are responsible for organized religions, and have been around for the past at least 8000 to 6000 years. We, as humans, have come a long way in way of technology, and are now posing a threat to them, hence, they are causing as much rift as possible to turn us all back. There objectives seems to following,

1) Enforce Religion.

2)Destabilize Society With Crime.

Refer to "Arguments" "Methods".

"Eyes" & Cryptochrome Protein:
Refer to Science Section
For the quantum entanglement to explain V2K properly, it must be some particles that need to be entangled. Recent studies have shown, that Cryptochrome protein in human eyes, and other animals, have a pair of electrons, that upon excitment by a photon, transfers a pair of electron from Cryptochrome, to FAD. Now Cryptochrome and FAD each have a pair of Radical electron, these are the ones that have the entangled spins, hence are now entangle. The changes in their spin determins type of reactions that will occur. I think that it is this pair that is entangled leading to V2K. This means once a entangled photon strike the electron it entangles the two electrons with that electron on the V2K device. Now a connection is established and transfer of information can move back and forth between the subject and the v2k device.

The two pair of electrons that are entangled, happens naturally too. In Birds they tend to determine path by entangling with the magnetic field of the earth. These electrons if entangled by a photon, that is entangled, tend to remain entangled and their changes can then lead to a chain of reactions that down stream stimulate nerves that carry the signal inside our brain. Eyes are a very important sense organ that have connections with different parts of our brain leading to V2K stimulation and effects that are observed. 

I think the source of this photon is coming from the moon, where there is a device showering earth with entangled photons to entangle radical electrons in Cryptochrome protein in our eyes. Therefore all beings that have eyes and this proteins can be entangled. This proteins is also found in plants, therefore, that explains some of the effects on wood.

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