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Updated Topics:  (V2K Aliens Arrival & Time Frame & Distance Of Our Probes.) (Introduction) (Read in Arguments)

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Quantum Entanglement.



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​​​​Voice To Skull "V2K"

Quantum Eyes. Look for Life by locating Eyes using quantum Mechanics. (Read In Arguments, Eye For An Eye).

Quantum Entanglement, to induce voices and emotions, capture thoughts, and vision through "Eyes". (

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NOTE:All body effects & conditions listed below and in Science section can occur naturally too. Please consult a Doctor to make sure the condition is not from within. Most of their effects are limited to muscles and brain perception of pain. 

"Eyes" & Cryptochrome Protein:
Refer to Science Section
For the quantum entanglement to explain V2K properly, it must be some particles that need to be entangled. Recent studies have shown, that Cryptochrome protein in human eyes, and other animals, have a pair of electrons, that upon excitment by a photon, transfers a pair of electron from Cryptochrome, to FAD. Now Cryptochrome and FAD each have a pair of Radical electron, these are the ones that have the entangled spins, hence are now entangle. The changes in their spin determins type of reactions that will occur. I think that it is this pair that is entangled leading to V2K. This means once a entangled photon strike the electron it entangles the two electrons with that electron on the V2K device. Now a connection is established and transfer of information can move back and forth between the subject and the v2k device.

The two pair of electrons that are entangled, happens naturally too. In Birds they tend to determine path by entangling with the magnetic field of the earth. These electrons if entangled by a photon, that is entangled, tend to remain entangled and their changes can then lead to a chain of reactions that down stream stimulate nerves that carry the signal inside our brain. Eyes are a very important sense organ that have connections with different parts of our brain leading to V2K stimulation and effects that are observed. 

Quantum Entanglement On Earth.

 Entanglement does not seems to work if both the objects are on earth. I think this is due to magnetic field interference. The object entangles then untangles after a very short duration of time. This process is very stable if one object is outside the magnetic field of earth. At this point both objects the one on earth and the one outside the magnetic field can affect each other. Therefore, if they can see us or affect us, we can see them and affect them too.

Breakthrough: Their orbit possibly the orbit of Earth, trailing ahead or behind of Earth.  Very much possible for be within the habitable zone of Earth. Why habitable zone? Since it will take less energy to keep warm, and harness Hydrogen, from sun, to power other internal systems. (Please read arguments regarding a better ship design). I think its round made out of an asteroid. After a careful examination on best way to travel in space, i have designed a spaceship that may resemble theirs and is the best way to take us out of this world and into others. They wanted a restriction on our movement, so that is path i choose to give a response back to them by designing a spaceship that is capable of travel from planets to planets.

This site is designated to make awareness towards voice to skull or mind control, that i think is done by Aliens who's ship maybe built out of an asteroid. Remember any condition is better known then unknown. Knowledge is power, knowledge and awareness is what is needed to make any change. I firmly think they are responsible for religions, and use religions to force control over us. I think they are responsible for organized religions, and have been around for the past 12000 to 10000 years. We, as humans, have come a long way in way of technology, and are now posing a threat to them, hence, they are causing as much rift as possible to turn us all back. After realizing that they are loosing control they are propagating coronavirus as means to reduce population. However, we have immunities that are working in our favor. In other words they have launched biological warfare on us. They are not capable of making any viruses, but they can spread an existing one. Their objectives seems to following,

1) Enforce Religion.
2)Destabilize Society With Crime & Disease.

Refer to "Arguments" "Methods".

Regardless of how long they have been here, this is our planet. We are the natural flora. The argument goes, if someone breaks into a home, and the home owners are not present, this does not mean that the home belongs to the thieves who have broken in. We were in our infancy, that is the same as not being at home. 

Religion is very bad for selection. Selection is through niches that we live in. Our intellectual development depends on how many niches we have passed through and have spent time in. This development occurs when modern tools are not present. Religion is specially bad, as it gives selective advantage based on religious affiliation, rather then intellect and physical development. Put it this way, Religion is cancer for a society. And alters selection in a very bad manner. It distributes tools based on religious identity rather then merits and makes selection to go in a negative direction.

Also, during the course of their senseless endeavor, they tend to have used humans, that are week emotionally, as v2k works better on them. in this manner they have increased our crime rate. This can only be fixed up by stopping the use of v2k. However, all technologies have good and bad use, this one have more good, then bad.

There is also a mater of time limitation in selection. A time comes in planetary development when society reaches certain stage, when tools are available, the DNA needs to be maintained, or negative selection will weaken DNA. Please read "The Human Selection" in Arguments. Mind control is even worse. It takes the decision out from the hands of the person into the hands of another person. Therefore, the very place "Brain" where free thoughts should evolve, is now in someone else hands. This affects neural development in a very negative manner. The very essence of creation is the human brain, that leads to selection and hence that leads to neural growth. We should only think in terms of earth best genome, not in terms of different people. Put it this way, my objective is to make sure I do sufficient efforts to get our consciousness out of this world and move in all directions so we can last forever.  Another important thing are niches. Once people begin to migrate from origins, then go from one niche to another, hence, facing new obstacles on there way. This works even better if the up coming niche is more difficult then the current. Most niches change through a gradient, for instance, going from desert niche to ice niche is through a gradient where the climate changes gradually. Now imagine people in prehistoric time passing very slowly from desert to ice niche, on the way they go through DNA changes, that takes a very long time to incorporate. What v2k aliens did, they moved people from one niche to another at a very fast pace hence limiting time for the DNA to grow, distributing tools earlier makes it even worst. Put it this way they have deprived everyone of neural and intellectual development by about 10000 years, except for European selection, that got pressured due to influx of people and distribution of tools that they already had built, like swords. Pressure drives selection, ease destroys it. Another thing that can happen by moving people from niche to niche at a faster pace, is to insert genes at inappropriate locations, not leaving room for new DNA segments to incorporate at a later time. But this is not much of an issue, as long as there is a master copy of the genome that have the proper sequence. In more simple manner life became easy for some and difficult for others. However, this difficulty is unnatural and did not made a huge impact on European population. Since, Europeans were there first to enter a difficult niche as "icy mountains", they had already gone through selective refinements prior to arrival of v2k aliens.

More so recently they have increased their tactics to spread diseases. I think they are afraid of them becoming target of our advancements in quantum physics. Which means we will have the means to see them or even destroy them using quantum physics. As a result they are trying to push us back to flee from earth. They got here on their own, and now have to leave on their own, no matter what the consequences are. They may attempt to put their wrong tactics on selection, claiming that it is good for your selection. That is complete nonsense, nice excuse for a clean get away. I don't think any of there tactics will work, as they are pretty low in numbers. Also, i am very sure they were not aware of dangers that are coming their way, I am the one who told them they have limited time left as our quantum physics will kill them as a means to cause them to surrender their weapons. This happened a few years back when i determined that the communication must be quantum through eyes. That is when dangers in space became apparent. So don't put blame on me for any events. They have been killing us left and right all along. Its like a video game to them. Regardless they have to surrender. Also, any artificial manipulation of the system will lead to negative selection, as the person being selected is not on his or her own, but through a 3rd entity and they have no way to know what DNA they have or expect which mutations will arrive in which person. One cannot tell about a person's DNA just by looking at physical features or behavior. Specially bad is trying to modify behavior temporarily using v2k.  Which means what makes humans is our interaction with the niche, the decision have to be personal decision. Religion is specially disastrous as it takes away fear of death. Fear of death is what that pushes us to better ourselves and make tools to make our lives safe, and in turn grow our brains. Read more about selection and how it works. See affects on animals. 

Quantum entanglement is the process by which two particles entangle with each other from a great distance at a very fast speed. The current speed of entanglement is determined to be 10,000.00 times the speed of light. After some calculations, one come up with a distance of 1400 Million Kilometers for a single second back and forth communication. The electron pairs involved in communication are also called Radical Pairs.

How To Find Aliens? & What To Do Once They Are Found:

Read more in Arguments Section. "Eyes" are Quantum Objects and can be seen as a Quantum Objects. 

Eyewitness Records:

Another thing to remember, at this point in time, is that all eyewitness records in their database will become available at some time in future once their ship is captured or destroyed. All such records should be put under immunity to be presented in court as witness for the following two reasons,

1) If videos are present, that means they are present, which means they are manipulating the person involved.

2) All such videos are made by an illegal entity not known to public, and without council's consent.

"You are responsible for your own actions" is applied in those situations where they are not present and there are no eyewitness records. The rest should be treated differently. If this is not done, any witness against them will not come forward. Or any witness, the concerned agency, will call upon will not come forward.

Possible Solutions:
1) Quantum De Tanglement. Means to detangle eyes by using another source to entangle the eyes this should break the current entanglement. This could be based on photons or other direct means of entanglement. (Consult a professional first)
2) Use Of Medicine. Medicine can be used to denature cryptochrome protein complex so it will loose its radicle electrons.(Consult a professional first). A medicine will be made and tested first, prior to use. What will happen as side effect would be slight loss in cense of direction. Humans have not much use for it, birds do.
3) DNA Alteration. This would be done at the time of conception.
4) Observe The Eyes. Observation in quantum physics changes the wave function to particle function. This may break current entanglement. (Observation is done using specialized equipment. Its not an ordinary camera.)
5) Observe The Source Of V2K. By observing the source of V2K, again the wave function will change to particle, this should disable the V2K source.

6) Small Strength Magnetic Field. A small strength magnetic field should disrupt the entanglement too.

7) Entangling the V2K source. This may work too. This is quantum physics, one should be able to entangle source and render it useless.

I am very restrictive money wise to test any of the above. If anyone have success then please e-mail at

Genetics To Know

In evolution male plays a very important role, as male is the one that faces most of the selection pressures. Please verify this through reading about genetics. Please refer to Human Selection Segment in Arguments. Also refer to

Good & Bad Of V2K Technology

There are good and bad in all technologies, V2K is not an exception.

Good Use Of V2K

1) Good Medical diagnostic tool.

We can determine, if different parts of body is reporting pain to the brain. Better diagnostics can be made to the exact nature of illness. Monitoring of people critically ill.

2) People tracking tool.

Track and locate elderly, or missing children. Better recognition tool. Example, no need for a passport for travel. Caution: Non privacy invasive only. There are very bad affects of trying to alter society using artificial emotions. This is best done by natural selection.

3) Criminal Tracking.

Tracking of people on parole, for example. Again, there is a caution, if this is used as thought listening tool, to solve crime, one may end up hearing a person's fantasy. And wrongly accuse someone of a crime they have not committed. Old fashioned detective work have to be coupled with this tool, means match with evidence. Remember Aghata Christi? Murder She Wrote? Its part of human mind creativity. Have to leave that alone, or we are walking back in time.

Need less to say, v2k Aliens did non of the above. From the time they came about 8000 years ago, they kept introducing tools from then most mature society "Europeans" to others, therefore freezing there intellectual development.  That is why we are seeing tent cities after tent cities popping up all over the world. Don't worry DNA is the way out. Or leaving a society to fend for itself. Then perhaps over a long period of time a male will arrive with better DNA segments.

Bad Use Of V2K

1) Emotional control of society.

This one is a big no. As this will bring out artificiality in society. The society that is built will not be stable. Leave emotions, and other neural function growth to evolution. It does it best and does so permanently. Evolution is a long process and depends on how a person have passed through niches.(segments on lands, starting from Africa to which ever part of the world). Our interaction with niches is what that builds us over a very long period of time. What v2k aliens did, they introduced tools to all societies from the one who traveled most distance over most time to those who have not travelled most distance over most time. In our case its the original Europeans to others prematurely and hence stopped there natural development much earlier then expected. All tools currently found are European in origins. There premature introduction into a society is not a good thing but very very bad in epic proportions. The only solution to this is DNA.

2) Listening to people's thoughts.

This is another big no. By doing so, we will but caps on freedom of thoughts. Yes, that will be so. Which means we will end up reducing our productivity. Learn how to control bad thoughts and implement the good ones. This is what that leads to our neural growth and leads to our mind stability over period of time. Remember selection have to work to make that happen. An important note here is, not to kill unfortunate people, but let nature take its course, make corrections over time.

3) Unwanted Sexual Arousal.

Yes, this is another one of those bad affects. We have to keep merits intact in reproduction. Bad use of this technology can lead to rapes. Needless to say our v2k Aliens have done a lot of that.

4) Social Unrest.

V2K can lead to nations propagating social unrest on each other, that can in turn lead to wars. V2K Aliens have played it out like a video game, making our society more violent, then it otherwise would have been. 

So in light of all of the above and much more good and bad coming out of V2K, we will keep it, for productive uses only, and implement a protection scheme for masses, So any bad use can be prevented. We want to keep and use this good gift of nature, to our benefits and not our destruction.