This site is designated to make awareness towards voice to skull or mind control, that i think is done by Aliens located away from Earth between Moon and Europa. Remember any condition is better known then unknown. Knowledge is power, knowledge and awareness is what is needed to make any change. I firmly think they are responsible for religions, and use religions to force control over us. I think they are responsible for organized religions, and have been around for the past at least 6000 years. We, as humans, have come a long way in way of technology, and are now posing a threat to them, hence, they are causing as much rift as possible to turn us all back. There objectives seems to following,

1) Enforce Religion.

2)Destabilize Society With Crime.

Refer to "Arguments" "Methods".

As of now i think interaction is through entangled nerve cells located in eyes. This is what the research is showing for birds. I am sure only nervous system is involved in all controls that are exerted. Other body tissues response to nervous system, including heart. Therefore, no affects on heart directly. That is the good news.

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Quantum entanglement is the process by which two particles entangle with each other from a great distance as a very fast speed. The current speed of entanglement is determined to be 10,000.00 times the speed of light. After some calculations, one come up with a distance of 1400 Million Kilometers for a single second back and forth communication. This puts there location from moon to Jupiter. This means 1/2 second for the signal to come and 1/2 second to go back as feedback.

"Alien" Quantum Entanglement, to induce voices and emotions. Alien visitors in future may reinforce religion in support to propagate V2K control.


Quantum Entanglement

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