Voice To Skull "V2K"

Arguments that V2K Aliens capitalize on:

Arguments, Think Logically, Basics Of Life, Any Condition Known Is Better Then Condition Unknown, Randomizing Actions, All Your Thoughts Are Yours,Gang Stalking,V2K Is Not From Within,Why They Use Religion As Form Of Control,You Are Responsible For Your Actions,V2K Have Been Around For At Least 6000 & No More Then 8000 Years, How Have We Managed To Make So Much Progress In Presence Of V2K Aliens?, How Much V2K Works On Other Creatures?, What Constitute Our "Human" Space?, Why I & Other TIs Are Still Alive Telling This Story?About Weapons And Mandatory Classes Every Two Or So Years, V2K Is Not Due To A Collective Consciousness


"God" Argument, Religion Makes A Person Better, Marriage And Religion, Consumption Of Food, Visiting Aliens May Reinforce Religion, Religions Are Knives Covered With Chocolate Icing, Why Didn't Religions Succeeded During Our Dark Ages,How To Treat Other Humans "Racism", There Are No Aliens Among Us, What Constitute Our "Human" Space?, "Lunar" Calendar Is Wrong, God gave us cloths to wear and hide our private parts


Please read through arguments, I will love your feedback.


Arguments are defined as thought processes, for example an argument may lead to a good outcome or an argument may lead to a bad outcome. An example of a miss leading argument will be "The shorter the life, the fewer sins a person will commit". This will be a misleading argument that a religious person may follow, and think about ending there life soon. If one is not sure about an argument, then put the argument aside until enough knowledge is available. You can also consult people regarding this argument who may have knowledge about that argument, try to discuss any argument with multiple people to get the best conclusion. Some of the arguments listed below are surely ridiculous. But never the less once joined with emotions take up a more real meaning. By trapping people into arguments, V2K Aliens tend to play with a persons emotions, and keep them confused, and frustrated. In that manner they make a person to do criminal things.

Think Logically:
Everything must be thought logically based on Matter (Atoms) and Energy. No imaginary conclusions, only logical conclusions, based on current technology. If you are not sure about something ask someone, if you are still not sure set argument aside to be visited later. Keep all conclusions based on Matter & Energy.

Basics Of Life:
Learn to think logically, not emotionally. I personally wrap my life around the following 4 points,
a)Our actions should be to increase our life and others. (Inventions, medicine, precautions, conflict resolution)
b) Our actions should be to make our lifes better and others. (Inventions, medicine)
c) Our actions should be to have children, and others can have too.
d) Go back to reason (a)

Any Condition Known Is Better Then Condition Unknown:

Generally speaking, any condition, or any thing is better known, then kept a secret. One Argument that V2K emphasize on is that telling about this to anyone will make that person insane, and V2K will then go on that person, manipulating there thoughts. For example, telling this will cause human mind to get into confusion as to were the origination of thought is from, and may lead to mental disorder. This is not the case, they want to keep this to individual, as it gets better for them to manipulate this person in isolation and have that person commit crime. Frist 2 months of manipulation are the worst for everyone, by having a support group this person can get help and understand what is going on. Another objective of this site is to make awareness for the law enforcement, to look into this situation, and try to determine what might be causing it, and from where?

Randomizing Actions:(For Targeted Individuals TI)

Randomizing actions, to some extent, is good, as it bypass some of the manipulation tactics that they use. For example, in Apple App Store, there are several apps that can do that for you. Make sure to randomize using a true random event. What randomizing will do, if they have a situation planned out for you, then you will be able to bypass it, or make it difficult for them to form that situation. Randomize actions within minutes or at times seconds. For example, randomize leaving home within a couple of minutes. You can do this by using the flip a coin app, and flip it every minute or so. This will buy you some randomness and make it more difficult for the V2K Aliens. Remember they are dangerous, and do kill people by accidents, or become statistics of a crime. Randomizing reduces this chance. Also, keep yourself well known among the TI community, there is safety in numbers. Their manipulation becomes difficult if they put too much fear among the one they are manipulating. Mentioning this to others makes it ever more difficult. Take joint actions for each other. If they kill or harm any one, take appropriate actions by making more people aware and randomize actions. Life is a compromise, do what it takes for you and other humans to survive.

How does Randomizing Helps?

It changes the scene, and alters thoughts. Randomness is by default present due to differences in our reaction and decision making times. Using randomness helps to enlarge that gap, and makes it difficult for V2K to make a match. For instance, lets say i am driving a Red 2002 Tundra, and stop at a signal, lets say another 2002 red tundra pretty close in looks also stops next to me, what are the changes of that happening? (The closer the looks, the more difficult task) Depends on how many red tundras are out there, How many people in close vicinity own one, and that day how many decisions were taken from leaving home to getting out to the signal. One would say fewer the decisions the better it is as each decision event is leading to some offset. The car would have missed me by seconds. Lets say both Me and Other live about same distance from the signal, or we can also say, that i live 1 mile from that signal, and other person is a visitor, to make a match at the signal, the point i left my house, and the point other is somewhere, have to be taking as fewer decisions as possible to reduce difference that occurs due to decision making and thought floating to other directions, it becomes difficult to grab attention and put the person back on track, although the length after each decision could be longer or shorter. For instance, if other was closer to the signal, then stopping over somewhere to do something to waist some time, so a match can occur. By putting randomness, what V2K person have to do is to fluctuate the decisions and time in between, in order to keep the match, with each fluctuation, v2k is now dealing with more decision making time and thought fluctuating in different direction. Therefore leading to more randomness. Therefore, difficult to achieve situations, like two look alike tundras to show up at signal gets difficult to achieve, as compared to more easy matches like just another tundra, any year any color. So randomness does help out but still limited. A good eye on surroundings, and avoiding dangerous situations is the best. There is another factor, to get a match, all actions of Mine and Other, must be pre planned, to get good chances of a match, another thing that randomness does is to accommodate for the delay, v2k person have to increase or decrease thought events, this can and in most cases will cause the thought of other to float in a different direction uncontrollably increasing or reducing match time. Remember, v2k is not full control, but partial, if put it in perspective, about 60% decisional influence over an unsuspecting or suspecting person. Other factors play too, like how a person deals with emotions. Very important to mention here is the fact, just like there are different reactions to, lets say alcohol, or caffine, there are variable affects on emotions under v2k. That does not make the person bad, that just shows that under v2k the reaction is more or less.

All Your Thoughts Are Yours:

One more important thing to know is that they cannot tell us anything or any condition which is "New", as the voices are very low, and only those thoughts that are part of our memory gets manipulated. Those who are experiencing V2K, ask them to teach you Chinese or talk to you in language other then your own. They are a very faint voice, but they will try to convince that all thoughts in your mind are from them. In that manner they create more confusion. The purpose of this is to break the person's morality and take away there creativity, this argument, i think, is effective in the beginning when a person gets targeted, this leads to maximum confusion. If a person becomes aware at that time, then there is a chance of them getting a better control over themselves. V2K Aliens are sort of expert manipulators and have been doing this for a while.

Gang Stalking:

They can make any person feel like they are being stalked. One gets the feeling that they are being watched all the times. This way they create fear, and anger, that, why are they being followed around. They can make other people act out what you are thinking. For example, it is possible that you may be thinking about hairs, and someone in the front starts to comb there hairs. This is just by Coincidence, as V2K Aliens are correlating actions among people in your surroundings. This thing will never end, in this way they make people go after each other for reading their thoughts and imitating them. Do not mind imitations, the other person involved, is not aware that he or she is imitating you. V2K Aliens can even correlate actions between actual law enforcement and you. Make sure, to take no offensive actions against law enforcement. DO NOT THINK THAT LAW ENFORCEMENT IS TRYING TO RECRUIT YOU FOR DOING MIND CONTROL JOB EVER, DO NOT THINK THEY ARE THE ONES DOING THIS, THIS WILL LEAD TO SOCIAL UNREST, AN OBJECTIVE V2K ALIENS WANT TO ACHIEVE. Law enforcement are not working this scheme out, V2K goes back to ancient times. We are still in our infancy to do this, as our technology is not there yet. V2K Aliens are trying to make a dent on this progress. Remember they are limited to our thoughts and emotions. They have no direct means to harm us. But, they can make us become a statistics of a crime, or accident. They are not very accurate, although, they make it look like it. They are based on our and other person's thoughts. Keep an eye out and keep safe, do not over do as that will lead to paranoia (Refer to Randomizing Actions). Remember, they manipulate everyone from time to time, Targeted Individuals are the ones that get V2Ked. For some reason they choose people in this manner. I think the reason is to get more correlated with that person so they can put a point across in a crowed. Since we are more aware of the arguments that they tend to capitalize on.

V2K Is Not From Within:

V2K is "not" from within us. We do not have the capability yet to do this. But, Aliens know one day we will, not too far in future. I think, they want to create an atmosphere so that we think its us doing V2K to ourselves, in this way they can create disturbance and attempt to take us back to religions. For example, they can make a law enforcement agency to think they are the ones doing this, by "he said she said". What this means is that they can make one person to say something that another person may interpret incorrectly even to the highest levels of "any" government. For example one person may say that there is new technology in use, the other person may think that this person means V2K. In this manner V2K Aliens will run the show as Trojans. They will be then in position to make big powers fight over misuse of V2K that they will think is being done by the other country. I personally think this is one of their objectives. Before long, countries will be blaming each other over its misuse, and needless to say there are lots of ways to misuse this technology.

Also, consider, what it takes to do voice to skull on a person? Lets see what we had since back in 1800s to accomplish this goal.

1) Means to uniquely identify a person.

     As easy as it may sound, This is a very daunting task. Imagine, you are inside of a building, with 100 people above you, 100 below, and 100 in all directions. To pinpoint a person in that crowed, will require a unique identifier, that uniquely identifies a person. What can that be? One way to resolve this issue is to physically see the person in a crowed , or anywhere for that matter, for example under water, inside of a cave or even compared to other animals (Since V2K works on other animals too, even as little as ants). To do this, we will require some sort of detector working at a close range so see the person pretty much like a camera would, or may be infrared detector. This will require the Perps to install detectors practically everywhere like caves, under water etc. Imagine this task at a global scale or very intricate interconnected cameras and detectors covering every little inches of earth. Better would be through satellites, but then you will have to be able to penetrate walls and other barriers to see a person. Which time frame does that puts v2k in? I would say not even now. Currently we are lagging many respects of it. A person is a rather big thing, imagine trying to pinpoint an ant within the confinements of walls or other barriers. Ants and other animals, to me, remove the possibility of microchips as we are way behind on that too. To me, V2K works on all animals exposed to outdoor light. In this manner we emit photons that can be captured by satellite(s) in space and entangle a corresponding atom. Now the person, or any entity, is entangled and can be tracked anywhere in the world or even at great distances, crossing pretty much any barrier, even as big as sun. What time frame does that puts us in? Even currently, we are not even fully aware of how entanglement works, specially not before 1950s.

2) Be able to put Thoughts, Emotions, & Pains in a person. In short, manipulate a person's nervous system.

This is another one of those daunting task, which sounds easy, but when seen closely lead to many obstacles. For instance, to stimulate any part of the brain, we have to somehow make the neurons to fire in a sequence. For example, read about how hearing works, or better watch a youtube video about hearing process. All signals in the brain are carried out through neurons, all neurons are interconnected. Now let say, to make a person hear voices, we have to make the sensory neurons to trigger "action potentials" (Google this topic for better understanding). (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Why They Use Religion As Form Of Control:

(Refer to arguments below the line)

According to me their prime objective is to enforce religion, as this gives them maximum control over situation. Religion needs illiteracy to propagate, and we have come a long way into science over a very short period of time. Religions are loosing strength and, hence, V2K Aliens are loosing control. Since, they have no direct means to enforce control or kill us, they are working through ideology to get the control back, and one way is to show that V2K is real and we are doing it to ourselves.

You Are Responsible For Your Actions:

Remember, whatever we do under what ever control, we are the ones executing it, therefore, we are the ones responsible for it. V2K Aliens, may indicate that if you do something wrong, like harming someone, you are not actually responsible for it. Once the action is done, they will come and get you out of jail. Under no circumstances take this for real. V2K is not a total control, decision making is intact and one can tell between good and bad. Therefore, we are responsible for our own actions, no mater if we are a "TI" or just someone who gets manipulated and was not aware of it.

V2K Have Been Around For At Least 6000 & No More Then 8000 Years:

Yes, pretty incredible. I came up with this approximate number after looking at world history, and seeing when organized religions started. We got out of last ice age roughly 10,000.00 years ago. So not much going on during that time, world population is small, and exist as isolated patches. I think that's what caused the formation of farming, as people began to grow plants close to there dwelling, to reduce distant travel to catch food. So farming appeared around 8,000.00 years ago, the cave arts that i looked at, does not seem to show any traces of religion. I think they came after Gobekly Tepe was built. I think Aliens may have spent some time on earth, before resorting to possible "Moon" or "Mars" to conduct V2K on earth. They may be visiting us from time to time ever since (To see an explanation of why "Moon" please refer to Science). I am saying moon, since the speed of Quantum Entanglement have been calculated around 10,000.00 times the speed of light and it is independent of any obstacles like sun or a planet. So moon is at the right distance to conduct V2K. Remember, if we increase the distance from earth and V2K source, we will increase the feedback time, means they will hearing everything after lets say 1/2 seconds delay.This delay is too much for V2K to work (Refer to Science for a proper description). Then another thing needed for Quantum Entanglement are photons of two particles. In our case it seems to be Sodium and Potassium. This requirement means the source have to close enough to conduct entanglement through photons, and photons travel at the speed of light, and get affected by objects like Sun or other planets being in the way.

How Have We Managed To Make So Much Progress In Presence Of V2K Aliens?:

Even though, V2K manipulates thoughts, it is not a complete takeover of thoughts. As a matter of fact, all thoughts are yours and they cannot tell you anything or even any condition new. This gives them a step behind us, also, it is difficult for them to accurately make a target to kill or harm someone, in best way they are about 2 percent accurate. Means there are changes that can occur in a plan, based on the executors thoughts. In other words it is difficult for them to specifically targets someone. This factor gives us an edge and over time we have managed to break out of religion and began to look around our surroundings, and started learning sciences, instead of accepting a creator created all of this. Therefore, religion plays a huge role in there control over us.

How Much V2K Works On Other Creatures?:

Not to a whole lot of extent. Remember this is not a full control, therefore, instincts over ride thoughts and emotions. It is basically easier to control and manipulate humans, as compared to other animals, where thoughts and emotions are largely govern by impulses, like Hunger, Predation ETC. However, they can use insects or other animals too. Keep precautions on that side as well. Keep your surroundings well fumed to drive insects out.

What Constitute Our "Human" Space?:

One argument that they capitalize on is that we "Humans" are in their space, rather then V2K Aliens are in our space. Therefore, they are trying to get us out so they can take our planet back. Trust me, as ridiculous as is sounds, they will bring that out, as soon as a person thoughts will move in that direction. The way i define our space, is the last last object captured by our Sun's gravity, up to the level of Atoms. Put it this way, if you draw 3 dimensional axis with "0" at the center of the sun, then our solar systems last object, including and up to the level of Atom, captured by our sun, then if you draw a circumference around our sun, all that lays within is ours and all that enter this circumference is ours. All asteroids or other objects that come into our space are now ours, and, since we are formed on this solar system, we own the rights to utilize all resources that are part of our solar system or what that enters it inform of asteroids or comets or any other object that might pass.

Now lets consider what type of fuels are easily available for travel in space. The most abundant and easy to use would be Hydrogen. Sun releases hydrogen that i think is pushed outwards due to planetary motion. This hydrogen then gathers up at the very end of the solar system at an equilibrium with our Sun's gravity. The huge clouds of Hydrogen found at the far expanse of our Solar System is "I Think" due to our Sun. Although, i am not sure about this. The wall of Hydrogen found around our Solar System could have gathered or captured at the time of our Sun's creation. Now lets consider V2K aliens usage of our very important resource "Hydrogen". Since, quantum connection between electrons delays due to distance, about 2 seconds around Pluto, this wall of Hydrogen is even further. Therefore, it will be logical to say, that our V2K aliens must be utilizing close by Hydrogen and then released it back as Not so useful Helium, which scatters due to propulsion, therefore even that is not easy to capture. Therefore over time they have been chewing away on our Hydrogen, that was very important for our initial boost to explore and conquer space. Now we may be taking our own hydrogen with us and collecting from Saturn. This will hinder our progress. We "Only" have 13 Billion years to call some other planet as our home before this one goes up in flames. All this major hassle just to bark like dogs in our heads how to wash hands? This process is not permanent, only last few years before one will have to do something else before the behavior is enforced for another few ears. Wonder who taught them when they were exploring early on? Nature does it best. They chewed up our early selection too. For example, lets say I use V2K to make a Lion dance in front of the Prey, this behavior will not become permanent by V2K voice or manipulating behavior. The instinct to take the prey down will override in just a few days.

"Pirates of the caribbean"our Holy V2K Aliens:

From what i have gathered up till now about them is the following. Again, I am not fully sure but analysis of our situation and the distance between planets, I have made an assumption that there planet is not close by. The closet system with a planet in habitable zone is located in Alpha Centuri. I really doubt its that one, we have light data that shows more of a baron planet. I think they are further further away about 1200 light years away there are recently discovered habitable planets. 

The most stable structure in space is round, therefore, i think the  ship will be round. This will resolve several issues.

1) The rotation of a sphere will generate centrifugal force pointing outwards giving gravity at the roof from the inside, not the outside.

2) The very spin will generate heat at the core by utilizing same phenomenon as found in planets. This will keep the ship warm and generate electricity.

3) The spin can also be used as a centrifuge to separate different atoms based on there size. 

However, with all the advantages, this structure will not stand acceleration for large periods of time, as the spear is hollow, and pressurized with oxygen, there is some resistance in space as well. The structure is prone to be acted upon by other celestial objects and may cause it to break up. Therefore i am guessing 6 or so million years of travel before getting here. Tell me what type of ediot will travel all the way to a living planet where they simply cannot live due to no resistance to viruses? when there are many many habitable planets where intelligence can call his home? "The type of ediots who ran away with a ship". I think this ship or ships were part of a social order in their original planet that failed. They were probably pursued and in confusion took off, or were forced to leave so the original country wont take blame for it. One more reason why they took up earth, is that there navigation system showed us as a point in space. Why? The navigation should be dependent on Quantum connection. Light data is too slow to reach and is not accurate as the universe is constantly expanding. Therefore, this tool is very important to set a path in space. Put it this way, this ship(s) must only be fitted with 2 electrons based navigation to see the original planet and determine there course if they have to move close or away. So therefore, once they made the decision to abandon their position, the closest point they could find was earth to set a course.  Also, it is also very possible that the quantum signature of there planet was simply hidden away from them, in other words there chip was disabled that looked at that planet, so they had no other choice but to move away towards earth. Not knowing there way back they reached here. (Trust me in quantum physics one can cause a signal to jam. Discuss with a physicist of this field) So in this case they are stuck here and cannot find their way back. Or if they leave they will have to set a course for yet another close by planet that have the 2 electrons signature, means have multi cellular life. I am very sure that the 2 electrons are used as the eye before the evolution of eye for early life to find its way using a planet's magnetic field. Therefore all planets with life should be giving out a quantum signature. One cannot block this signature, but can block the one looking at it.

Once, here, they started barking into people's heads putting all sorts of non sense, instead of letting the society to grow on its own merits with permenancy. Or half of the population will be handling the behavior of the rest of the population which is a complete idiot solution. This will hinder mind and thought growth. 

There Are No Aliens Among Us:
I am of firm believe that the V2K Aliens do not live among us. They are doing this remotely, from somewhere in between our moon and possibly further as far out as Europa. This distance is set due to the time it take for the quantum entanglement to work properly, in more accordance with our thoughts and surroundings. If we are to increase there distance, then the V2K will not work properly. For example, lets say you are walking, and they want you to look in a particular direction to read a billboard, now if there is a huge delay, even more then a half a second the billboard may pass. I follow a simple rule, if a person looks like a human, then he or she is. Although V2K Aliens do tend to capitalize over this argument, that the people around you are not humans, but Aliens, so do not trust them. I personally think Aliens would be very different looking then us, as the niche they live in is very different then us. They are mostly in low gravity environment. Their feeding habits should be different, so there mouths would be smaller, there are no farms out there. So the food should be more like a cocktail with all essential vitamins and proteins in it.


"God" Argument:
Is god logical? Lets elaborate.

First, all religions have a definite starting point. For example "Adam". We know now, we are creation of evolution, and have similarities with our ancestors, there is a little bit in us of all creatures since over time we have branched off from them. Consider the following,

1) The Appendix: This is a part that have reduced its size and function from our ancestor "Apes" In Apes Appendix is larger and have a well defined function, in humans it is smaller and have a lesser important function to act as a reservoir for digestive track bacteria. However, 1 in 20 people who get it removed due to infection don't miss it much. This is an example where an organ have come to a size according to its use fullness down the evolutionary tree. Lets consider our, Human, example. In our case our brains are of vital importance for our survival. We do not have large claws or teethes to find food or defend ourselves. To increase our survival, our brain needs to grow. To accommodate this growth, other organs, that are not as vital, will begin to shrink due to nutrient distribution to growing organs. This is the case with Appendix, that it has shrunk its size primarily due to its reduced usage and partly due to increase in our brain size that takes up most of the nutrients we eat.

2) The Tailbone: ​Other mammals find their tails useful for balance, but when humans learned to walk, the tail became useless and evolution converted it to just some fused vertebrae we call a coccyx.

3) Erector Pili and Body Hair: Goose bumps aren’t just to alert you ofcold . And in many creatures, fear and confrontation cause muscle fibers called erector pili to activate, forcing hairs to stand up and make the animal appear larger and more threatening. That would’ve been useful to your distant ancestors, those hairy beasts! (Reference http://www.livescience.com/21513-vestigial-organs.html)

The above organs and all of our organs, even brain indicates that we are a continuation instead of a lone creation different from all other animals on earth. We have some part of animals residing on earth, going down to cells and DNA.

(Just to mention a few, read more at http://www.livescience.com/21513-vestigial-organs.html)

Second, religion gives a starting point in recent past, the birth of Adam. Considering Bible, Torah, Quran, his birth comes out to no more then 10,000.00 years. This time frame is not enough to explain the variation that exist today among people, like Chinese, Indians, Europeans, Aryans, Africans Among others. Our point of "differentiation" from our closest ancestor, takes us well beyond 10,000.00 years according to carbon dating procedure.

Third,  The concept "God" does not exists, because to think one must have senses. Say for example, our consciousness is defined by our senses, like Eyes, Ears, Nose, Touch etc. The information we gather is then processed to give us consciousness in this manner we become aware of our surroundings. In higher the animals more intricate brain exists that makes sense of all inputs from our senses and give us a sense of consciousness and awareness of our surroundings. Therefore for God to be "aware" he must have all of the above to become consciousness. This cannot be true as that will make "God" made of matter as we all are, and hence will become limited lifespan and destructible. Refer to Physics, "All matter is radio active and disintegrates over time". This gives us a cycle of Matter and Energy interchanging hands over time, where Matter converts to Energy and Energy converts back into Matter. Therefore all things that are conscious may have the following 6 objects,
a) Sight
b) Hearing
c) Smell
d) Touch
f) Memory
g) Deductive Center (Brain, that gathers all information and makes sense of all inputs that come from sensory organs)

Religion Makes A Person Better:
One argument Aliens, seems to ponder on is that religion is good for a person, taking a religious side makes a person stable, as long as the person does not go too far into it. This is how they make people go into religion, then they gradually work them to extremism. So saying that a bit of religion in a person is good, as they are taking a side, is incorrect, such a person is prone to becoming an extremist. Muslims, Christians, Jewish, and all others alike. Remember to keep religious ideology sustained, one must have to keep the society illiterate. This is the only way to keep religious views prosper. For example, views like Jesus came back to life again and then flew off with angles, Moses parted a sea with a stick, And Mohammed went up to heavens on a horse with wings, just to name a few, do not work well with sciences.

Marriage And Religion:
One more argument that lies in propagation of religious views, (Remember, keeping religion alive requires illiteracy), is the institution of marriage. One thought or argument that comes up is that "People without god, cannot sustain marriage, and our current family structure will break apart. Atheist people marriages are week, and will not sustain life with stability. This is what that lies at the bottom of most people religions, and is the main cause behind its propagation. Lets see how most of the religions define a marriage,

1) Two people willing to get married.
2) One or Two witnesses to the Matrimony.
3) A person of authority (Like Priest, Lawyer, Judge) to act as a responsible person to carry out the Matrimony and declare that two people are married.
4) A registry office to register the marriage deed.
(Like a country to recognize the married couple, so in case of different countries, Wife can migrate, or vice versa. This registry also act as a sort of credit check, to see if a person is married already and trying to get married again, this will be deception, and will be equal to play with someone's feelings and waste there life's precious time).

Marriage is a social union, Hence, all conditions that are required to join two people in Matrimony are all formed in a way, so that after the marriage, if one partner is to deviate, then the other one can get justice. For example, lets say the man commits adultery, then it is the responsibility of the society to take necessary measures to ensure that personal rights of any of the parties Involved are safeguarded. Imagine a situation, that you marry a person, and that person after some time takes off with another person, without letting you know. At this point you will feel that you have been cheated out of very important years of your life. All this time you were planing a family with stable life, but then all of a sudden that dream shatters. To minimize the impact on your life, the rules of marriage will give you protection, lets say in claiming money, alimony and what not. Therefore, marriage institution is rather a social agreement. This agreement does not require any god or religion. Act more responsibly, keeping your spouse's rights intact, including children's. Personally I think, 2 Parent family structure is best for raising kids. Kids get a family structure that will nurture there needs much more efficiently. 1 Commitment at a time only, keeps life simple for all of us.

Consumption Of Food: (What is right to eat?)
I define animals that are edible as follows,

"Any living animal who's "adult" is least aware of his or her surroundings and fails to recognize his or her reflection".

What this means is those animals or plants that carry a low level of consciousness, that means they are not much aware of their surroundings, are edible, like cows, goats and off course plants. I make sure to look at the consciousness of the "adult" of that animal. So if "adult" is conscious of surroundings and can recognize his or her reflection, then I cannot eat or even harm its "infant". Some of the Animals that fall in this category are,

1) Humans
2) Primates
3) Dolphins
4) Octopus

May be others, do your research...

Religions Are Knives Covered With Chocolate Icing:

Religions are by design not good for our progress. Concept of "creation" takes out our motivations to Enquire about our world around us. All major things are kept out of our minds by putting a concept of deity in our minds to keep us from questioning the formation of ourselves and our world around us. By questioning ourselves we can improve our lives and live longer and prosper more and occupy more planets for our growth. We owe it to our old days scientist like Darwin, who stepped out of the box and started thinking about things in more logical manner.

As any religion progresses, it tend to loose strength over time. This happens due to new ideas begin to emerge about our existence, people make subtle changes to the "The Good Word" to make room for development. An example will be, the emergence of protestants out of Catholicism. Or the emergence of more tolerant Shia or Daobandi out of wahabism in Islam.  To keep this from happening, V2K Aliens bring about a new "Messenger" to enforce new laws and ideologies so that free thought would not emerge. Another reason why religion looses its strength, is the fact that every religion have a mention of end time. As time progresses, the absence of end time, leads to weakening of the exiting religion, to circumvent this issue  a new religion is born that tend to override old one giving a new date of end time. Also, V2K Aliens use the ideology of "Divide and Conquer", by enforcing a new ideology, they can then make people fight over it. Religions are here to divide us, rather then to bring solidarity among people. Some critical differences are kept among religions, that will keep the people following it, for the sake of a eternal after life (Non Existent After Life) fight to spread the correct word. The dilemma that drives us to wars or fights over religion is that "I want to keep my ideology so that my descendents can follow the same ideology to get eternal salvation in the after life". And when is that milk and honey suppose to come? After death, how about that.

Why Didn't Religions Succeeded During Our Dark Ages:

As time progressed, some of us slowly walked away from creation views to more logical scientific views about our world. We have many examples of people getting killed or tortured over liberal ideas about our world and ourselves. Darwin, Tesla, Einstein and some of the examples of such phenomenon happening, were we gradually went towards more logical view about our world. We are now at a point were we have made a lot of progress in that direction. V2K Aliens are still trying there best to drive us off of this direction. 

Visiting Aliens May Reinforce Religion:

What if Aliens are to visit, and say that there is a god? Remember to keep things logical, matter and energy. In this case it is possible that the visitors are part of the team that are using V2K to enforce religion to move us backwards. Arriving Aliens will be just a part of people who will come down to enforce themselves, by leaving a team behind to conduct V2K, in support of their claims.

How To Treat Other Humans "Racism":

The way I look at Racism is that we can do a little more for those close to us. This keeps the competition among people and that is what that opens door to progress. But in doing so, we cannot harm any human, or intentionally harm any live beings like animals too. It will be important to consider the following points regarding Racism,

1) We all have a common ancestor. So we are all related at some point in time.

2) We are conscious of our surroundings, so every living being deserve respect.

3) A conflict between right and wrong is ok. Its resolution through a war is ok to. If not, wrong will prevail. Consider the following,

Learn to think logically, not emotionally. I personally wrap my life around the following 4 points,
a) Our actions should be to increase our life and others. (Inventions, medicine, precautions, conflict resolution)
b) Our actions should be to make our lifes better and others. (Inventions, medicine)
c) Our actions should be to have children, and others can have too.
d) Go back to reason (a)

There Are No Aliens Among Us:

I am of firm believe that the V2K Aliens do not live among us. They are doing this remotely, from somewhere in between our moon and possibly further as far out as Europa. This distance is set due to the time it take for the quantum entanglement to work properly, in more accordance with our thoughts and surroundings. If we are to increase there distance, then the V2K will not work properly. For example, lets say you are walking, and they want you to look in a particular direction to read a billboard, now if there is a huge delay, even more then a half a second the billboard may pass.

What Constitute Our "Human" Space?:
One argument that they capitalize on is that we "Humans" are in their space, rather then V2K Aliens are in our space. Therefore, they are trying to get us out so they can take our planet back. Trust me, as ridiculous as is sounds, they will bring that out, as soon as a person thoughts will move in that direction. The way i define our space, is our solar system, with the last planet's diameter  of its orbit in all directions. Put it this way, if you draw 3 dimensional axis with "0" at the center of the sun, then our solar systems last planet will have have of its orbit in all axis. All asteroids or other objects that come into our space are now ours, and, since we are formed on this solar system, we own the rights to utilize all resources that are part of our solar system or what that enters it inform of asteroids or comets or any other object that might pass.

"Lunar" Calendar Is Wrong:

This argument have more to do with our people following Islam. As Islam is the most recent major religion. After Islam we have made a lot of progress, and hence, just like other religions, Islam will loose strength too. Any new Messenger (TI) will be very difficult for V2K Aliens to bring about, as we tend to scrutinize more now then we did before. Lets take up the example of enforcement of Lunar Calendar as compared to the Solar calendar which is more precise. I think that was done to keep us from making progress, as its is virtually impossible to do many things if we are to implement this calendar. 

1) Days are set by sun, not moon. Our day and night cycle is set by Sun. Our circadian rithyms are set by sun as well, we even sleep according to sun cycles rather then moon.

2) Every year we loose 6 to 10 days since Lunar months are smaller then solar months. This causes the dates to shift around. For example, if you have a meeting setup for the 2nd of the month, you will not be sure about the day until the 1st moon comes. The 1st moon variate over regions and causes a shift in months among different regions of the world.

3) The name of the months in Islamic calendar are based on seasons, but the calendar itself is not. For example "Jamadi us awal" and "Jamadi us Sani" means "Early Summer" and "Late Summer" respectively. This tells us that at some point in time Islamic calendar was based on Solar Cycle, and was later changed.

God gave us cloths to wear and hide our private parts:

This is not true. As cloths were first worn by people living in colder regions were probably the first to come up with the need to cover their bodies due to cold weather. This can be dated back to the times of neantherthals, roughly about 100,0000.00 years ago. This predates any religion around at this time. There is no evidence pointing towards the fact that  neantherthals were following any religion at this time. The need to cover was due to cold weather rather then a instruction sent by god. There was not clothing concept in Africa due to hot weather pretty much all year around.