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​​​​Voice To Skull "V2K"



If you are feeling sick, consult a doctor. Eliminate any internal reason first.

Mind Control, Voice To Skull, or Hearing Voices all refer to a technology little known to us at this time. However, there is a lab in Italy where there is research based on affects of quantum entanglement on eyes. It is very important to know that any of our governments are not involved in this practice, as V2K goes back to ancient times of Jesus, Moses, Muhammad. The communication used is really fast and according to me it is not any of the regular electromagnetic impulses or waves in use today, although a discovery in 1800s is of significant as it resolves the issue of very fast communication that technology is called Quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement although goes back to the days of Erwin Schrödinger, but only have recently been proven.

Another discovery recently reported is that of entangled nerves in the eyes of birds, that scientist think is for navigation purposes.

One important thing to remember is that non of our governments are doing this, and people responsible are not present on earth. The speed indicates that there likeliest place would be Cruithne, a small object in horse shoe orbit trailing in front of earth.

One more important thing to know is that they cannot tell us anything or any condition which is "New", as the voices are very low, and only those thoughts that are part of our memory gets manipulated. Those who are experiencing V2K, ask them to teach you Chinese or talk to you in language other then your own. They are a very faint voice, but they will try to convince that all thoughts in your mind are from them. In that manner they create more confusion. (Refer to Arguments)

Mind Affects:

First of all under any aches and pains, consult a Doctor first. I think that there are no harm full affects on mind itself. Aliens use arguments (Refer to Arguments) that are misleading to trap a person into submission or act out a misleading act. What that means is, one may be tricked into believing that they are chosen as a messenger of god, or this person may act out a movie character. This control is not by any means complete, a well educated person or good reasoning will cause a person to do better reasoning. They are dangerous and can lead to potentially harm full situations, like car accidents or become a part of crime, or spread diseases like viruses. However, their accuracy is minimal, they are in a sense, generally accurate. Taking a few precautions is enough to bypass dangers. For instance, avoid lonely spots, hang out where there more people, drive car carefully. They can make a person believe they can kill them anytime, that is not true. In any case, take only so much precautions, as excessive cautions will lead to paranoia, there is no need for that. They have no way to kill us directly, keep healthy and your heart will remain sound (Refer To Science Page).

Body Affects:

First of all under any aches and pains, consult a Doctor first. This will not only make sure that the pain is not due to some disease condition, but will help establish v2k phenomena. Get Doctor checkups done on regular basis to make sure any disease condition is eliminated. All body affects are those that are ether in voluntary or involuntary control of the brain. Some of the affects are as follows,

1) Twitching of certain muscles.

2) Turning head.

3) Twitching of eye brows.

4) Itching

5) Increase or decrease heart rate (Slightly, Non Threatening)

6) Loose of breath during deep sleep( Slightly, Non Threatening, Breathing resumes on its own)(Consult a Doctor is happening too many times. This is a disease as well. V2K can do this specially after eating cheese)

Just to name a few. Remember they manipulate certain parts of brain, and our bodies react to it. They do not have any means of directly affecting muscles, this is good news as that keeps our heart safe. They can cause heart to go a little faster or slower. Eat healthy and your heart will stay healthy. Again, if you are experiencing any pains, consult a doctor. They will try to convince that all people outside a perpetrators, and may prevent a person from doing so.