Voice To Skull "V2K"

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Possible Science And Biology Behind V2K:

Quantum Entanglement, Involvement of Sodium and Potassium In Our Nerve Cells, "Eyes" Exposed Nerves To Emit Photons For Entanglement, How They Hear Us?How We Hear Them?,How Memory Is Read?,Affects On Organs,Affects On Heart

Quantum Entanglement:

The following definition have been taken from Wikipedia,

"Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated."

Quantum Entanglement is pretty fast as explained in the following paragraph taken from "http://www.gizmag.com/quantum-entanglement-speed-10000-faster-light/26587/"

"Quantum entanglement, one of the odder aspects of quantum theory, links the properties of particles even when they are separated by large distances. When a property of one of a pair of entangled particles is measured, the other "immediately" settles down into a state compatible with that measurement. So how fast is "immediately"? According to research by Prof. Juan Yin and colleagues at the University of Science and Technology of China in Shanghai, the lower limit to the speed associated with entanglement dynamics – or "spooky action at a distance" – is at least 10,000 times faster than light."

What this research shows is that there is a limit how far the source have to be to be able to observe and react to our thoughts almost simultaneously. For instance, if you are at a place, then the V2K Aliens must know what is going on around you, and then manipulate thoughts and emotions accordingly. According to me, that will not accomplish if the total time for the total time for the signal to go and return is more then a second. Yes, 1 second altogether, this means 1/2 seconds to come and 1/2 seconds to go. This will put them no more then 720 Million kilometers from earth. Which is roughly where Europa is at its furthest distance from Earth. However, there is a catch, to entangle two particles, one have to use photons. Therefore, they should be close enough to catch the photons from a close distance. I think the atoms involved are Sodium and Potassium, these are the ones used by our nerves to transmit signals.

As you can see that for long periods, Jupiter, and Mars alike are behind the sun, compared to earth. During this time catching photons is not possible as Sun is in the middle. There will be other obstacles too like Mercury and Venus. The photons are needed to entangle particles for the first time. (Do Google to learn more about Quantum Entanglement) After which the particles remain entangled, for how long I am not sure. In any case one needs photons to entangle two particles together, therefore my guess is they are located on the moon. Also once the particles are entangled, they will remain entangled even if there are obstacles like Sun or Mercury or Venus.

Involvement of Cryptochrome & FAD in V2K Entanglement: 

"Eyes" & Cryptochrome Protein:

For the quantum entanglement to explain V2K properly, it must be some particles that need to be entangled. Recent studies have shown, that Cryptochrome protein in human eyes, and other animals, have a pair of electrons, that upon excitment by a photon, transfers a pair of electron from Cryptochrome, to FAD. Now Cryptochrome and FAD each have a pair of Radical electron, these are the ones that have the entangled spins, hence are now entangle. The changes in their spin determins type of reactions that will occur. I think that it is this pair that is entangled leading to V2K. This means once an entangled photon strike the electron it entangles the two electrons with that electron on the V2K device. Now a connection is established and transfer of information can move back and forth between the subject and the v2k device.

The two pair of electrons that are entangled, happens naturally too. In Birds they tend to determine path by entangling with the magnetic field of the earth. These electrons if entangled by a photon, that is entangled, tend to remain entangled and their changes can then lead to a chain of reactions that down stream stimulate nerves that carry the signal inside our brain. Eyes are a very important sense organ that have connections with different parts of our brain leading to V2K stimulation and effects that are observed. 

I think the source of this photon is coming from the moon, where there is a device showering earth with entangled photons to entangle radical electrons in Cryptochrome protein in our eyes. Therefore all beings that have eyes and this proteins can be entangled. This proteins is also found in plants, therefore, that explains some of the effects on wood.